Design Assist

Haslett Heating & Cooling creates value with its Design Assist Services that help third-party architects and engineers satisfy clients’ needs. Our team’s input can resolve design issues and provide expert backing to a wide variety of projects. Following our Design Assist Team’s input, our installation team will give clients a best-in-class experience.


Design Build

The Haslett Heating & Cooling Team possesses the experience and expertise to design mechanical systems solutions for a variety of complicated projects. Our design build process accounts for time, budget, and spatial constraints to meet each project’s unique demands. Our focus is always on delivering the best quality in design, engineering, project management, and execution of installation.


With over 100 years of serving central Ohio, the Haslett Heating & Cooling team has encountered HVAC units in almost every state of disrepair. We pride ourselves in giving honest assessments to business owners and contractors on the upgrades necessary for their HVAC systems and controls. Haslett will be your go-to team when it comes to implementing state-of-the-art enhancements for almost any HVAC system.

Spec Build

Haslett Heating & Cooling’s proprietary systems and software allow for an efficient and cost affect plan spec-bidding and installation of our clients’ HVAC needs. Our design specs focus on creating the most efficient HVAC systems possible, and can be implemented by our own in-house build team.


If a part or entire system needs replacement, Haslett Heating & Cooling can fabricate the equipment needed to make the repairs. Our dedication to quality control and customer satisfaction ensures that we make parts exact to their specifications. Our fabrication team also eliminates the need for third-party contracting, which allows us to work faster than our competitors.


Along with installing systems, Haslett Heating & Cooling has a team of professionals to meet any mechanical servicing needs. Our seasoned technicians know the first step to longevity of our clients’ systems is preventative maintenance, however can be on-site whenever our clients need. Our Service Team is always on-call 24/7 to assist with any emergency needs our clients may experience.

Testing & Balancing

HVAC systems require a great amount of fine-tuning to function properly. At Haslett Heating & Cooling, we run thorough testing of HVAC systems to ensure their functionality and balance. If an HVAC unit is out of balance, our experienced team can and will perform to make the system function to its highest efficiency.



Beyond designing and implementing HVAC units, Haslett Heating & Cooling also provides expertise to assist our clients with selecting the best control system to fit their needs. Our control systems allow businesses to operate their HVAC units to their own preferences from a simple and intuitive control panel.